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Alex Sandra
Fantastic class today with Mel. It was so much fun and so informative. Thanks Mel for a fantastic day and David for an amazing lunch. Highly recommend to anyone thinking of taking up this little hobby!
Monica Neubauer
The Basic candle course was fantastic. A great course to understand the science behind candle making. Mel is friendly & willing to answer any questions. Looking forward to the advanced course. My daughter loved the cupcake candle
Veronica Saunders
I just happened to doddle into the shop a few days ago for a quick peek. Stayed hours and was so impressed with helpful tips from Kiera who was just so lovely. Have bought some nifty candle making bits n pieces and come away with a whole lot more knowledge. I'll be back!
Liza Emanuele
I have received several gifts from Chandelle Galerie and they smell divine! Great gift idea!
Susan Riding
Love this store and get all my candle making supplies from Chandelle Gallerie. Love their scents and their freedom in sharing their knowledge in candle making. Staff very friendly and cannot help you enough. Thanks guys xxx
Sharon Brown
I had a fabulous day learning properly how to make candles. Great beginners course. Can't wait to book again and do the advanced course. Definitely, recommend to anyone who wants to learn to make candles to book into the beginner's course. Thank you, Mel.
Tracey Lodola
5 STARS. Fantastic day, I learnt so much. Highly recommend. May do the advance course.
S Ryanth Atmadja
This is a review for our recent 3-days private class with Mel.

@Mel: Thank you for sharing your knowledge wholeheartedly with us. We really appreciate your efforts to make the training both enjoyable and easy to understand. It has been a very worthwhile training, and we think it's one of the best training's we've ever had. We remember also your helpful suggestions in finding a good accommodation for us. :-)
@David: Thanks for your helpful information and assistance in packaging, when we bought a large number of items from Chandelle Galerie (for sample and supplies).
Wish you all the best,
Elysia & Ryan (from Jakarta, Indonesia)
Hope Brumby
I had a great day learning how to make candles with Mel. The whole day was so easy and relaxing. Now I have some cute candles to show people. Would highly recommend this as a gift for a friend.
Toni Bennett
I recently did the Basic course in Candle Making at Chandelle Galerie with Mel (owner). When I booked with Emma, she was super helpful answering my questions.

The course was a fabulous experience. I've wanted to learn to make my own candles for a long time. Mel was a very lovely. She is extremely helpful & very easy to understand & she was always willing to answer any questions which made the experience a lot more comfortable as I had to ask her to repeat a few things I would forget as I was very nervous, to begin with, but Mel put me at ease from the start.

I had a wonderful afternoon & learned a new skill & I had a fantastic time. I can't wait to do the other 2 courses that Mel offers. Thank you, Mel & David, for making my day 1 to remember how much I enjoyed & how helpful you both are.

I highly recommend Chandelle Galerie to anyone who wants to learn to make various types of candles. I will be back soon to do the other courses. Thank you.
Ruth Western
I have known Mel for quite a few years, back when her heart's desire began with Mel's House of Wax, and nothing has changed except her dream has become reality.

What does that mean....? It means that Mel has worked ever so hard to bring to fruition a thriving business built with love and commitment. Her products are world class and will have you coming back for more!

Well done Mel (and family!)
Sylvia Bouts Draps
Attended a candle making class on Saturday. It was fantastic, simple and fast paced. We made a selection of candles to take home, and it was all done with precision, expertise, and enthusiasm.

Mel understands and conveys her knowledge willingly, sharing her experiences with candle making. I really felt comfortable and I look forward to doing the next class once I've mastered the beginner's techniques.

David is cheeky and lovable. Great couple, gorgeous shop!
Maryann Bruce
5 STARS for my newly discovered treasure!!

Found Chandelle Galerie by accident today, after having lunch at the nearby Paleo Café. I was immediately drawn into this shop by all the beautiful gifts & candles and the delightful aroma. I managed to get my easter gift shopping done in one hit - what's not to love about that!!

I was greeted straight away by a very friendly staff member, who provided me with answers to all of my questions regarding their products, but without being pushy - just super helpful!

The staff member was Emma P, who very kindly offered to gift wrap all my purchases without charge and did that so beautifully. I very much appreciated this gesture - Thank you, Emma !!!

I will definitely be back to this fabulous shop and think I might also take some classes.

Such an enjoyable shopping experience here at Chandelle Galerie.
Loved this shop so much, decided to do reviews under both my profiles!

Regards, Maryann Bruce xx
Hayley Smedley
Fantastic service from David! (and Bobo). Mel- You are a natural. Your classes are extremely easy to follow. I will definitely be doing the advanced course!
Beautiful shop with lots of goodies in it. GREAT JOB GUYS, you should be proud of yourselves.
Jess Bushell
Had the most amazing time here, and every time I go in always, I'm greeted with big smiles.
Kristin Bloffwitch
Fantastic candles, candle supplies, and candle school, 5 STARS! Do yourself a favour and do a candle course, I've completed two! What you learn in 4 hours is priceless. Mel, your experience, and knowledge of your craft is amazing!
Shannen Ferguson
Absolutely beautiful store! staff friendly and helpful. i did the basic candle class and I have learnt so much from this. I can now make my candles at home with their products which smell AMAZING! highly recommended :)
Catherine Mundy
Excellent. Very friendly and helpful. They have a great variety of gifts & supplies for your candle making. I love shopping there. I did the beginners candle course & straight away booked in for the advanced heaps of fun.
Belinda Gibson
Went to a private candle making class yesterday with Mel. Had a fantastic time! I am so happy with how my candles turned out. Thank You Mel!
Christaleni Hanias
Fantastic store and highly recommend. They have a large range of candles and products to choose from. I also had a private class with Mel and it also was fantastic loved every minute of it. Thank You Mel, for all your help and sharing your knowledge with me.
Miko Santos
Thanks to Mel for a wonderful workshop on candle making. I am loving it!
Tracey Ryan
Service is awesome. Will help any way possible. The store looks amazing. Have done a few classes and they are the best. The only store I visit for supplies and advice.
Lisa Brook
OMG!!! What is there not to say!!!! I love, love, love going to Chandelle. I love the new smelling station... it gives a pretty accurate picture of what the scent is!! Dave and Mel are great people who are willing to help and answer any questions that i have. All in all, Chandelle is my little adult candle making playground!! I am so happy that I have found you both.. Thank you for the guidance with my candle making!! CHANDELLE ROCKS!
Davena Hann
I ordered a memorial candle from Mel to give to my sister in law. Her dad passed away in September and he shared his birthday with his grand-daughter, my niece. They always shared a cake so I wanted something special to evoke this long standing tradition. My sister in law was overcome with emotion. Thank you so much Mel - you are brilliant.
Stephen Brook
Great place to shop for all your waxy delights. Friendly and helpful service.
A wonderful place! David is very helpful, professional and friendly, and there are so many unique and beautiful products that you will always find a special gift or perfect addition to your own home - the only downside is the stress of trying to avoid buying everything in the shop!
Aimee Poulton
I absolutely love your new (fragrance) smelling station I could stand there all day and just smell it. It looks and smells fantastic. Great place to shop very friendly, fantastic customer service in store and via email and just a delight to shop in. Love your shop.
Tanya Cummins
Today I did the candle making basic class!!!! Loved it!!!! Mel is fantastic. Nothing was too much trouble. Felt at ease. Had a ball. I am feeling very creative. Thanks mel xxxxx
Kylie Grills
I would thoroughly recommend Mel's candle school. After having a private class, I was provided with extensive notes covering everything I had learned, which made it easy to replicate what Mel had taught me, at home. If you'd rather buy ready made candles, Chandelle Galerie also has you covered. An ethically run family business, in a prime location, that supports local artists... What more could you ask for? X
Julie Black
Brilliant customer service, so helpful. Thank you David.. highly recommended.
Ali Ogilvie
I attended the Beginner Container candles class with Mel and enjoyed it enormously, I learned so much and loved the fact it was so hands on. Mel is a great teacher and very patient with novice students, it is a lovely atmosphere up in the mezzanine classroom and such a satisfying class to come away from (with an armful of amazing candles!). I thoroughly recommend this class if you have an interest in learning how to make candles, great value for money too.
Veronica Smith
Thankyou Mel for a wonderful day sharing your extensive knowledge today! We had a great day and can't wait to get started making candles with the wonderful supplies (two big bagfuls, lol) we purchased. Can't recommend you highly enough! We'll be back to enroll in more classes soon!
Kirstie de Leeuw
I took part in the Basic Containers class today with Mel and I have come away with the great techniques and knowledge that Mel taught us, that I now feel confident that I can start making my own candles. Mel is an excellent teacher and so inspirational. I had such a blast today that I have just signed up for the Advanced Container class. I highly recommend doing the classes with Mel if you are interested in learning how to make candles. Thank you so much Mel :-)
Kye Michelle Deleur
The best candle & candle supplies shop in Adelaide. Super friendly and happy to help when in need.
Chrissy O'Shaughnessy
I have done 2 candle classes with Mel now, she is an excellent teacher and always happy to offer any advise. I came away with all the techniques to start making my own fabulous candles. Mel also stocks a great range of candle supplies in her shop. If you are interested in making your own candles I recommend you sign up for her class, you won't regret it!
Brooke Danielle Adcock
I purchased a memorial candle for my wedding last year from Mel. It is one of my favourite things to look at and everyone at our wedding commented about how beautiful it was. I will come to Mel for all my personalised candle needs!
Jay Mattner
I loved my container candle class. At first learning about candles was just a curiosity. I joked when I first got there by saying I was there to stop my wife from buying candles. After just 10 minutes in class I was hooked. I enjoyed every minute of it. It has been 24 hours since I have done the course and I have already made another container candle (ground coffee scent). This time I made it with my wife and now she is hooked as well. Thank you Mel (Chandelle Galerie). I am really happy I did the class now I am busy with my new hobby,
Sheri Dixon
Last week a friend and I took part in a candle class taught by Mel. She is an inspiration and gave us so many helpful tips. Highly recommend Mel's services and products.
Maria Romeo Munari
Had a fantastic morning learning to make candles at Chandelle Galerie. Mel you are a fantastic source of knowledge as well as a great teacher. Once again thank you.
Hala El-merhibi
a BIG thank you to Mel Cant (chandelle galerie) for all your dedicated time and help over the past month. my candles have gone from average to AMAZING!!! keep up your amazing work cos it's certainly appreciated x
I would highly recommend a one on one class with Mel if you would like to cover a good range of skills in a session for the beginner. Thanks again Mel your very good at explaining each step.
Caitlin Pathuis
Despite being younger than most people who do the candle making courses, it was made easy by the unfaltering help of Mel. She definitely knows what she is talking about and is extremely encouraging to anyone wishing to go further in their candle making. But above all, it was fun!! :)
Sharon Wood
Had a great day today learning how to make candles, great teacher A grade class, very informative and knowledgeable, and Mel did a great job with everything, so impressed will do the next class, well done Mel Cant, you were fantastic, highly recommend to everyone, you will have such fun and meet some lovely people and above all come home with some candles you made all by yourself, can't wait to do some at home.
Michelle Grant
Thank you so much Mel for the one on one session in candle making for beginners. I highly recommend this to cover a lot of topics in the time given. Mel not only listens to your questions she is also very good at explaining in a step by step guide. I left feeling quietly confident and ready to start my exciting new hobby. Cheers and thanks, Michelle.
Shirley Warner
I have just completed my 2nd candle making class and have booked for my 3rd. I love the classes and all the hints and tips we get attending. Makes for great candles to give to family. Thanks Mel
Casey Beaumont
Walked in today to have a browse.... We walked out with the most delicious smelling candles and the most MAGNIFICENT piece of artwork!! Thankyou!!!
Monica Winter
I have just completed the candle making course run by Mel at Chandelle Galerie. The course was very well run and at the end of the day you actually go home with a variety of candles that you have made in the class. I would totally recommend Mel's class - great notes provided and folow-up advice if needed ☺
Anne Coleman
Fabulous shop and lovely owners we need to support local talent!
Ebony Harmer
What do you give someone special for their birthday when they have everything?? I stumbled upon Mel via Facebook. I live 10 minutes away so popped over to see if she could help me. She showed me so many fabulous things and the aromas were glorious. My daughter (she's 20) just loved EVERYTHING and wants to do a class soon. Anyway, I bought I gorgeous blue wax bowl that had sea shells melted through it and it fit perfectly in my friends house as she lives by the beach! I have ordered something original for my God daughter her birthday too, with colours to match her home and a design that matches her tastes. She'll love it! I will definitely be back
Angi O'Dowd
Just received my candles, smell fantastic, awesome communication & super fast delivery, thank you so much.
Natalie Thomas
I attended a private candle class and am glad that I did!! Mel is a fantastic teacher and I have learned so much, would highly recommend :) I have had my candle supplies for a while, but have been scared to use them.. tonight I poured my first candle on my own! Will be back for more classes, thanks again Mel.
Shirley Warner
Just want to say thankyou so much for the training I had yesterday (24.11.13) Loved every minute of it. The set up was professional, the comfort level given to all of the 6 'newbies' was fantastic. I will be back for more courses in the new year. Thanking you again.
Pam Thompson
It is an absolute pleasure to do business with Mel. Customer service is paramount and it is very refreshing to deal with someone who cares about customer satisfaction. I have bought several items from Mel, both for myself and as gifts. They have always been top quality and really appreciated by the recipients. If you want something a bit different have a look at the vintage collection. I am lucky enough to be local and therefore able to pick up directly from Mel's home. Extra points for the beautiful dogs Bo & Meeka.
Betty Tanco
Thanks for my candle Mel, I love it. Also many thanks for arrange an easy pick up service for me, it was very appreciated. Cheers, Betty.
Annie Harvey
I attend a candle workshop on Sunday. All I can say is RELAXED (but busy), THERAPUTIC, FUN, FULFILLING and DEFINATELY VALUE FOR MONEY!
Jan Kutzner
Thank you for my gorgeous melts Mel. My daughters and I love them and we're taking notes of all our favourites to order next time ... the hardest thing was to decide which ones I would keep.
MIchelle Obst
Mel can't do enough for you. The personalised candle she made me was gorgeous. The soaps I received smell beautiful. Thanks.
Carol Watkins
Mel made me a memorial candle for my grandfather and it was absolutely perfect. I am ordering another one soon. Mel takes pride in what she makes and cares about her customers which is so rare these days! I also recieved my melts today and they smell devine.! I can't wait to put one into my oil burner in the morning. Thank you again Mel. You did a fantastic job. I will be a returning customer for a long time.
Lisa Hills
Mel's candles not only look gorgeous, but smell absolutely divine. There are so many chemicals out there these days, so it's great to know you are getting a beautiful and safe product that Mel uses herself. The candles are of wonderful quality and Mel is a pleasure to deal with - always friendly and helpful. Many thanks for my candles Mel, I look forward to using them.
Wade Watson
The two candles you made for my partner and I to light each year in memory of our baby boy Tyson are fantasic, thank you so much for putting your heart and time into them. I have and will continue to recomend you to anyone I know that requires the outstanding talent and passion for which you apply to your work. Thank you again for creating such a special keep sake for Tyson.
Jacque Canavan

Mel is absolutely amazing, she helped us out in a candle emergency this week with my sons baptism... She was so professional and the finished product was exactly what we wanted! Could not speak higher of her work and customer service
Lin Blum
Thank you so much, once again, for excellent personalised service. OMG I love them! I have the pansy (tea cup trio candle) on the table next to the picture of my mum. And Ged absolutely loved her 50th birthday present! It was wrapped so beautifully, thankyou.
Jacqui Williams-Jabarin
I just wanted to let you know I absolutely love your products! I bought soaps and candles for myself and for family members for Christmas! They smell amazing, my son even stole one of my soaps! He loves his blokekandle (even though he is a 'blokey' 15 year old and his room smells so much nicer).

Thank you for such lovely products and for the very efficient service. You are easy to deal with and I look forward to buying more products soon.
Rosalind Sandsbury
Mel's candles are divine and are created with love. They are perfect in my work environment as a meditation facilitator and energy healer. Mel goes that extra mile with service and provides a product individually created for you. You have a great gift .. thanx Mel.
Amanda Bertschinger
Hi Mel, I just wanted to thank you again for the stunning candles! I absolutely adore them and I love the way I can select my own fragrance, colur, shape and size and not pay a fortune! I know I have mentioned this before, but they smell so amazing I want to eat them. I truly couldn't be happier with my candles and will be placing an order again soon.
Lucy Howard
Thank you so much for the beautiful, truly awesome candles you have made for me, they have captured teh beauty of my loved one and will be a cherished memory. Thank you very much Mel you are very talented and have a special gift.
Ngaire Humphrys
Love these candles. Highly recommend that everyone try Mel's range of EVERYTHING. The soaps are delightful, the massage oils are to die for, and the candles and soy melts, well what can I say, they ROCK!!!!! I love the summer breeze its so refreshing, the lemongrass is uplifting and Mel was nice enough to source and make me the best smelling grape candle you could ever smell!
Lynn Sinclair
I recieved my order today, and all I can say is WOW! The smell when I opened the box is nothing short of devine. I have the house closed up today (due to the cold and pouring rain) and the smell of the coral coloured patchouli candle has drifted into every room. It was like Christmas unwrapping every item that you had so carefully wrapped. I can't speak highly enough, or thank you enough, for my goodies.
Cliff Sheryle Lander
What a great hobby! The candle making class was fantastic, what a great way to learn. Mel will give you lots of tips that others will not tell you. Can highly recommend the candle classes if you are thinking about it - do it!
Scarlett Gieneperes
I've got my buttered rum scented candle on now, absolutely love it! Awesome products! Highly recommended. :)
Luke Debrowski
Just letting you know my mate absolutely LOVES his (pet memorial candle), he thought it was a fantastic gesture and beautifully made - thanks again!
Julie Ats
Thank you so much for making to order our lovely yin yan candle which we used in the renewal of our wedding vows and John's 60th Birthday candle - awesome!
Sunny Patritti
Thank you soooo much for your candle class. It was a great morning and I am more excited now about making them thanks to the info that you shared with us. Look forward to seeing the results of the ones we made with you.
Amanda Rost
Mel is an amazing lady! Everyone wanting to learn about candles - I highly recommended her classes! Mum and I attended the basic course today, walked out pumped and confident! Looking forward to the advanced class next weekend!
Anne Fuller
Hand made candles, melts, beautiful aromas, extremely friendly staff, and lots and lots of beautiful gifts that you start off buying for friends, and then keep yourself! We'll that's what I do. Also dog-friendly & you have to trust people who love dogs.