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Custom Soy Tea Lights Products

This is our MADE TO ORDER page .. We can make Pillar Candles, Container Candles, Votives, Tea Lights and Soy Melts. Working through the Candle Wizard Menu below, you choose product type, size, shape, fragrance, colour and finish (if applicable).

PLEASE NOTE: Our Candle Wizard Menu only includes the most popular candle sizes. We have a huge selection of candle molds for pillar candles and speciality glassware for containers, so if the size you are looking for is not included, please give us a call.

Our Candles are made using the highest quality waxes, cotton wicks, dyes, essential oils or fragrant oils and are sourced from highly reputable companies within Austalia. We do NOT source any product from any supplier that contributes to deforestation of habitat. We choose not to use chemicals, which are often added to candles to reduce candle fade, increase pillar strength and increase burn time, instead we opt to use a blend of waxes to achieve this naturally. Our candles are individually hand poured in our workshop, so no two candles are exactly alike, though we do try!

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