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Chandelle fragrances have been developed by Mel, in conjunction with Australia's leading ISIPCA trained perfumers, who specialise in creating luxurious one-of-a-kind statement fragrances. A fragrance of the same name found elsewhere will not be the same product and it is likely to have different perfumery notes in its formulation!

Chandelle Fragrances comply with the Standards of the International Fragrance Association. Importantly, Chandelle Fragrances DO NOT contain Phthalates or Phthalate Esters. These chemicals are often used to dissolve raw materials when making fragrance oils. They have been used for many decades in a myriad of pharmaceuticals, household, and industrial products, but research now indicates they can cause a host of concerns. While there are no rules in Australia against Phthalates being used in candle fragrances, we chose to purchase, use and sell fragrances that are Phthalate free (or have the reformulated for our use).  

Chandelle Fragrances are made specifically for use in candles, but we are pleased to say they are SOAP SAFE to 3%. BODY SAFE varies from 3% down to 0.57% (for example, if used in lipsticks, face balms, baby creams or lotions, eye products, etc.

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Candle Fragrances

Fragrance Oils - 2500ml

Highly perfumed candle fragrance oils

Assorted Fragrance Oils
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Fragrance Oils - 520mls

Highly aromatic candle fragrance oils

Assorted Fragrance Oils
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Pure Sweet Almond Oil 520mls

Pure Sweet Almond Oil for blending with essential oils

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