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Our melt and pour soap making classes are suitable for individuals with no previous experience, or very limited experience, in soap making. Learn how to make fun, colourful, fragrant bars that can be used the next day! Keep them plain or add colour, scent, hydrating oils, exfoliants, botanicals, micas, glitters, and embeds! 

Melt & Pour Soap has become such an essential part of our lives that we seldom stop to think about what lies behind its usage. From the sensual and soothing effects of a long hot bath to the application of detergents in preventing the spread of diseases in hospitals, soap has become an essential part of humankind’s journey into modernity.

With Melt and Pour (MP) soap, you can easily make deliciously scented soaps. By handcrafting your own soaps, you are totally in charge of quality control. You can make your soap as natural as you like – you could even sell your bubbly creations!

MP Soap utilizes a pre-made base – literally, you could take the soap, as-is, and get into the shower and lather away! But this block of unassuming plain soap is waiting for your personal touch to transform it into something amazing. MP soap making is the process of melting a pre-existing soap base, then personalizing it by adding bright colors, delicious themes, scent, mica’s, glitters, abrasive's, embeds and creative layers, then pouring it into decorative molds. Once hardened, the result is a soap that can be used straight away.

Create innovative and stylish soaps which don't require you to work with harsh chemicals such as lye. Get inspired, dazzle your bathroom and your friends!  If you have done any of our candle classes, then you know that it will be worth attending. 

All soap-making workshops are conducted by Mel, a well-respected and renowned SA candle artisan and trainer. Classes are held on Mel (and husband David’s) 20-acre property in a purpose built candle studio. Nestled between the historic villages of Clarendon, Meadows and McLaren Vale, Kangarilla is a world away from the hustle and bustle of the city, but just a 30-minute drive from the Adelaide CBD! 

Enjoy Mel & David's hospitality with a gourmet lunch and glass of local bubbles in a truly tranquil location, with views in every direction - take in vineyards, bushland, and rolling countryside.

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Promising high-quality and safety in every workshop!