Candle Calculator

To calculate a close estimate of how much wax is required to make a container candle, simply enter the specified weights below. You may use any units of measure that you like (such as grams or kilo's), the important thing to remember is to use the same unit of measure in each box. 

When considering the wax level of a container, remember: 

  • Its best to keep the candle flame within the container itself to reduce potential burns, and
  • If the container has a lid with lid insert, ensure the lid sits freely (not on the actual wax).


Empty Weight of Container 
Enter the empty weight of the container. Use decimals if needed, for instance ten and a half kilos would be 10.5.  Do not enter words such as "grams" or "kilos".
Filled Weight with Water 
Using water, fill the container to the desired wax level. This is the level you would normally pour to, when pouring hot wax. Enter the filled weight of the container, using decimals if needed.
Estimated Weight of Wax required.

For Pillar Molds

Following the same process will give you a reasonable estimate of how much wax is needed to make a pillar candle (using a metal, silicon or polycarbonate mold). For pillar candles, fill the water all the way to the top of the mold. Calculate, then add a small additional amount to cover a second pour.