Glitters, the good and the bad!

Our cupcakes are aromatic, scrumptious looking, melt-in-your-mouth delights that have clients drooling in anticipation of their first bite – until they are told it’s a candle! It’s the delicious aroma and the visually enticing layer of rich frosted icing and sparkle that tricks them!

The thing is some sparkles (glitters) are unsuitable for use in/on candles, and craft glitters, are the worst, as they are generally a paper product. They have a low burn point (100 degrees), can clog your candlewick, and pose a real fire risk to the user. 

On the other hand, polyester glitters work well.

They are more expensive, but are very versatile and can be mixed with many solvents, including wax and gel wax. These glitters have a high burn point (170-180 degrees) and come in lots of stunning colors and flake sizes from coarse to very fine.  Note:  You can also now buy FDA Certified Cosmetic Grade glitters, which are pretty expensive, but the benefit is they have been fully tested and are deemed completely safe for candles.

As an alternative, you might like to try the following:

Glitters made from crushed crystals or glass (I love the idea of using crystals as they can be spiritually healing).

Micas are a very fine powder ingredient that can be used in a range of beauty/body/soap/candle products.  Micas won’t sparkle in a hardened candle and will look a little dull on top of a candle, but they float and swirl around in molten wax, which looks incredible mesmerizing.  

You can also try Shimmer Dust, it’s relatively new on the market.  It’s a premium grade cosmetic glitter, which sparkles, shimmers and twinkles, and you only need the tiniest bit for your candle to shimmer like crazy, but you will need to head overseas to buy it! Here’s a link: