Which soy wax do you use?

So you're ready to get started in the world of soy, but with so many different kinds, which soy wax do you choose?

The first thing to consider is what type of candle you want to make? You can make container candles, such as melts, tea lights & jar candles. Or, you might want to make freestanding candles, like these gorgeous love heart wax tarts, or maybe votive or pillar candles.


Chose the wrong wax and it's downhill right from the word go .... you see container candles require a wax designed to stay in a vessel, but freestanding candles require a wax designed to shrink and release from its mould.

Freestanding soy waxes have hardeners (such as Stearic Acid, Bipolar-X, Sterin, or Vybar), or hard waxes such as paraffin, palm, or beeswax added to the formula.

It's important to choose carefully or you could be spooning your wax out of its mould while crying tears of frustration