Candle/Soap Class Information

Below is some important information to read prior to your attendance at our Candle/Soap School
  • Our Candle/Soap School is located on our 20-acre property at 220 Cut Hill Road, Kangarilla SA (2.2 km up the road).
  • On Class days, a sign will be placed at the bottom of the road, the Chandelle Galerie flag will be placed at the entrance to our property & the gates will be open.
  • Please drive down the gravel driveway & park on the concrete.  
  • The entrance to the Studio is signposted, go to the rear of the galvanised building (closest to the homestead).  
  • Please arrive at 10.25am for a prompt 10.30am start (OR at least 5 minutes early if attending a Private Class).
  • Group Classes finish at 3.00pm however occasionally we can run a little late. In addition, some participants do like to stay after class to purchase candle or soap making equipment and supplies and/or to ask questions.  
  • Please wear comfortable attire & footwear - do not wear scarves, jewellery, bracelets or clothing which hangs/dangles as these items can get caught up in the melting pot & therefore pose a fire safety risk. 
  • If you are attending a candle making class, please consider wearing layered clothing as the candle studio needs to be kept around 24 degrees Celcius, and with 6 gas burners working it can get a little warm. 
  • Classes are STRICTLY for students. Companions cannot remain on the property. However, we can highly recommend a visit to SA's best wine region - McLaren Vale, which is an 8 to 10-minute drive away.   
  • On Group Class days a gourmet lunch with local wines is included. If you have not already notified us of any special dietary meal requirements, please let us know ASAP.  
  • Liquid refreshments (tea/coffee, herbal teas, soft drinks, cordial and mineral water) are provided free of charge.    
  • All candle/soap making equipment & supplies, including aprons are provided.
  • Comprehensive technical notes are provided so there is no need for note-taking. 

We wish to respectfully remind students of our general terms & conditions. In particular, that It is our policy NOT to refund a booking fee if a student cancels within 72 hours of the booking date. Students acknowledge this as reasonable given the difficulty we can have in back-filling a booking at such short notice.

Candle/Soap Making Kits (relevant to the class you are attending) are available for purchase. If you pre-order, you will receive 10% discount - email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
CANDLE MAKING KIT: $108.50 includes GST
  • 2 x kilos of GB 464 natural soy container wax
  • 1 x Seamless Aluminium Pouring Jug (holds 1.8 kg wax) for melting the wax
  • 1 x 250 ml Plastic Measure Cup 
  • 1 x Large Apothecary Jar & lid (or equivalent)
  • 1 x Medium Apothecary Jar & lid (or equivalent)
  • 1 x Small Apothecary Jar & lid (or equivalent)
  • 2 x Glass milk jars (or equivalent)
  • 5 x Clam Shell Soy Melt plastic packs (each holds 55gms)
  • 5 x Mini Melt Soy Pots with lids (each holds 20gms) 
  • 10 x Tea Light Cups, wicks & gift box 
  • 50 x Stickums (for anchoring tabbed wicks)
  • 25 x Tabbed Cotton Braided Wicks (5 of each size for above candle containers)
  • 5 x Wooden Wick Holders
  • 5 x Pegs (for securing wick stabilizers) 
  • 25 x Fire Safety Warning Labels 
  • 2 x 100ml Candle Fragrances 
  • 2 x Double Block Candle Dyes   
Alternatively, we have a large range of individual candle making equipment, supplies, and fragrances available for sale on the day of class.
SOAP MAKING KIT: $80.00 includes GST
  • 1 X 500gmM Clear MP Soap
  • 1 X 500gm White MP Soap
  • 2 X 50ml Fragrances – your choice.
  • 3 X 6ml Pigment Liquid Colourants - your choice
    • (brown, yellow, sunset yellow, red, sunset red, blue, pink, purple, green).
  • 1 X 10gm Cosmetic Grade Pigment Mica - your choice
    • (jet black, indigo purple, shimmering gold, yellow ochre, terracotta orange, malachite green, peacock blue, dusty pink.
  • 1 X 25ml Plastic Measure Cup
  • 3 X Pipettes
  • 1 X 0.15cc Pigment Measure Spoon
  • 1 X 115ML spritz Bottle with 99% proof Rubbing Alcohol 
  • 10 X Single Cavity Plastic Soap Molds with lids
  • 1 X Square Loaf Silicon Mold (9.5 X 9.5 X 6.5 CM)


Additional soap making equipment, supplies & fragrances are available to purchase individually on the day of class.
EFTPOS facilities are available for credit card transactions. 
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See you soon, Mel & David