Chandelle Galerie's Shop is Closing!

Chandelle Galerie's shop in Hyde Park will close its doors! 

Very regretfully, Mel & David will close their candle shop in Hyde Park on 31st January 2017.  

After trading for more than 9 years, the last 2.5 years as Chandelle Galerie, Mel & David recently announced the decision to close the doors of their beloved candle shop, citing financial (rising rental costs, import costs, production costs) and health issues, as reasons for closing. 

Mel & David wish to advise customers that their beautiful 'environmentally friendly' candles will still be available online.

After being inundated with requests for the Chandelle Galerie Candle School to continue, Mel & David will operate the school from their 20-acre property at Kangarilla. They are now busy establishing a training facility and will resume candle making classes in a revised (and very exciting) format in April 2017 - stay tuned for candle class dates.

Mel & David are looking forward to the joys of semi-retirement while continuing to share their passion for candle making with students from all over Australia, and even further afield!

Adelady Visits Chandelle Galerie

EVERY "Adelady" needs a girl’s day out!  Adelady put together the perfect day out along King William Road and we got a mention.  Coffee, dessert bars, fashion, wine, food, candle making classes + hidden gems!…/


Featured in CITYMAG

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Candle Class Information

Below is some important information to read prior to your attendance at our Candle School

Candle production moves to picturesque Kangarilla

Well, we've done it! After 12 months of searching for a place to live where we could undertake candle production on site, we finally moved into our new home. It has great storage SHEDS and a temperature controlled warehouse for candle making. It's also located in stunningly picturesque Kangarilla in South Australia. Read Newsletter 

Adelaides Foodies at Unley Gourmet Gala on King William Road

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Worlds largest candle (maybe)

Well, maybe it's not the worlds "largest" candle, but as a candle artisan Mel loves to push boundaries, so I thought you might like to see her latest creation. It's 10cm wide x 70cm high candle and its bigger than the collection of elephants we have at home! Scented with the tropical fragrances of freshly cracked coconut and hints of a boozy pineapple cocktail it will take you back to a sunny holiday on a tropical beach in Thailand! Read Newsletter

Win a $500 Christmas Voucher

Win a $500 King William Road Shopping Voucher Spree - just vote for Chandelle Galerie in our Spirit of Christmas Competition to be in the running. Read Newsletter

Chandelle's Candle School featured in SA Life Magazine

We are very proud to have Chandelle's Candle School featured in SA LIFE magazine, December 2014 edition, titled: The butcher, the baker, and the candlestick maker, which promotes Mel, our shop and growing candle school.


Vote for Chandelle Galerie (Rescue-My-Site)

Pay it forward with a VOTE for Chandelle Galerie by doing a random act of kindness! 


Mel's House of Wax has a new name and location!

Mel & husband David, spent months searching for the right name and location when they decided it was time to move their growing business out of the home and into its own retail space.


Becoming a Chandler

I am often asked how I turned my part-time hobby of making candles into a full-time career, so here is my story. 


We still cherish the humble candle

There is something magical about the quality of candles and what it does to the human spirit. Though electricity has been with us for almost 200 years we still cherish the humble candle for its mesmerizing flame and hauntingly beautiful aroma. 


Buying essential oils in Cuba

The Cuban Government adheres to strong socialist principles in organising its state-controlled economy.  It provides very basic health care and education and hands out monthly rations of food staples to its citizens, but to exist, all Cubans must work.  Cubans are paid similar wages regardless of what they do, so it’s not uncommon to see experienced doctors, engineers, scientists and other professionals working in restaurants or as taxi drivers.  Why does this happen – because in Cuba “all people are equal”!

How does this relate to candles?